Do you ever feel like,

sometimes God is telling you to do something and you’re like “nope not doin’ it…I’ve got no time, I’m too tired, that’s not my thing…” and like He’s laughing at you like “oh that’s so cute all of these excuses you’re coming up with…but you WILL do it.” 

I put up a decent fight, but I gave in. I am willing to serve, and do whatever it takes to serve in this role with children at my church (even through all of the paperwork, background checks and trainings…y’all I am a teacher. I know how to work with kids). I’m hoping that this nudge-that’s-turned-into-more-of-a-shove is going to help me impact more kid’s lives positively. I can love my kids at school, but now at church I’ll be able to love them AND teach them openly about Jesus. 

As much as I’ve complained about all of the extras today, I realize He has a reason, and I’ve vowed to follow His plan and not my own. So this weekend will be full of trainings and background checks and paperwork, oh my!




Eric Matthews is my hero

I know he isn’t real but he seriously is the love of my life and we’re meant to be. I would gladly marry Will Friedle.

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My therapist got serious with me today. My homework is between now and May 6th I have to meet a guy and have a full conversation/date. I am going to fail. 

Christina Perri


Human - Christina Perri

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Do you ever want something so badly that you feel like you are in physical pain? Even if you know realistically that thing probably isn’t the best thing for you?

My Favorite Easter Quotes of 2014

"Someone needs to tell that child he’s not getting any chicken nuggets before I throw this fork at him."

"Alright Speed Racer take a breath."

"Don’t let the NC plates fool you, that driving had NY written all over it."

"I love you but sometimes you are so dumb."


this might be my favourite glee quote of ever

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